Terry Byer '62

Explosives expert and investigator

Terry Byer amassed an impressive list of accomplishments in his thirty-year career while serving the United States in the capacity of bomb expert and investigator. He began his federal government career at age 20 in the U.S. Navy Underwater Deep Sea Diver program, the Explosives Ordinance Disposal program, the Navy Marine Mammal program, and the Navy Parachutist program. During his career he served as Explosives Consultant/Technician to the U.S. Secret Service Protection Division, providing protection to former Presidents Bush, Ford, and Reagan. Special assignments took him to the war in Vietnam. During the Cold War, he was deployed to hostile foreign countries to recover sensitive material and weapon systems.

During his last ten years of service, he served as an Explosives Enforcement Officer for the U.S. Treasury, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) and responded to major explosive and bombing crimes worldwide. Terry worked in such investigations as the World Trade Center bombing, the Argentina Jewish Welfare Center bombing, and the Olympic Park bombing, as well as hundreds of less-publicized incidents.

Byer has been recognized personally by President George Bush Sr. and also the current director of the FBI at the White House, the International Association of Bomb Technicians, the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. State Department, and many other agencies. He and his wife, Andrea, reside in Rutledge, GA.