Nation Meyer '39

Banker and community supporter

Nation Meyer, Chairman of the Board, First National Bank, has made his mark in Hutchinson in both business and civic capacities. As one of Mr. Meyer’s admiring friends explained, “his many achievements through all his years have been plentiful and always unassuming as he has contributed to so many outstanding affairs."

Meyer was Business Manager of the HHS Buzz and Allagaroo. At the University of Kansas, he was president of both his fraternity and the Kansas Student Union Activities Organization. He joined the U.S. Navy as a Naval Aviator, returning to Hutchinson in 1946 to join the staff at First National Bank.

Along the way, Mr. Meyer served as president of the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce, was a board member at Hutchinson Hospital and worked with the Reno County Historical Society, the Hutchinson Town Club, the Delos Smith Senior Citizens Foundation and a number of other organizations. 
Meyer and his wife, Tucker, have four children and several grandchildren. Meyer’s life is an example of the importance of responsibility to work, family, and community.