Juanita White Murphy '44

Educational Secretary, School and Community Volunteer

"Anyone who ever taught or worked at Central Junior High School knows that no matter who the administrator was, it was really Juanita who ran the school." With quiet efficiency and complete correctness in all of her work, Juanita Murphy, working as an Educational Secretary, gained the respect and admiration of co-workers and students at Central Junior High and Hutchinson High School.

A Hutchinson girl who chose to provide a lifetime of service to her family, school and school community, Juanita Murphy distinguished herself by being elected President of the Kansas Association of Educational Secretaries in 1970.

Following her retirement in 1987, Juanita continued to work at Hutchinson High School as a volunteer. She was instrumental in organizing the HHS Alumni Association in 1991.

The contributions of Juanita White Murphy to her community and her beloved school guarantee a position of distinction on the Wall of Honor.