George B. Pyle '74

Reporter, Editorial Writer

George B. Pyle is a man who cares a great deal about knowledge, learning and the importance of thinking. Beginning as a general assignment reporter following his graduation from the School of Journalism at Wichita State University, he has gone on to become a noted editorial writer for the Salina Journal.

Pyle was honored as the winner of the Harris Enterprises Incorporate Contest in 1987 for a piece on a vital local civil liberties issue. In 1998, Pyle was the winner of the Pulliam Fellowship, which included a $40,000 prize. That same year, Pyle was named a finalist in the Editorial Writing category for the Pulitzer Prize, one of journalism's most prestigious awards.

George Pyle wants his work to be entertaining, literate and humane. He tries to put a spin on a subject that has not been heard a hundred times before. He knows if he is boring himself, then he is boring his readers. His dedication to excellence in journalism has earned him a place on the Wall of Honor.